The Kokomo boards in Wanchese on the Outer Banks and cruises the scenic Roanoke Sound in exploration of the magnificent paradise we call home.  Our North Carolina shores offer breathtaking beauty that becomes a serene portrait aboard the Kokomo.


Dolphin seen from the Kokomo on an Outer Banks Paradise Dolphin Cruise


Our goal for our guests is to search for bottlenose dolphins and local species of birds while taking pleasure in the splendid scenery along the way.  


Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin


Bottlenose dolphins are well known for their intelligence, friendly disposition, and “smiling” faces.  Dolphins have been interacting with humans for centuries and seem to have as much interest in us as we have in them. They often swim near the Kokomo, lifting their heads out of the water to get a glance at all the people onboard.






As you embark on our 2 hour journey into the inland waters, we will witness some of the most spectacular scenes ever seen.




Bodie Island Lighthouse



The Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse on the east side of Roanoke Island stands watch over the quaint Manteo Waterfront.



The Bodie Island Lighthouse is a majestic view from the Kokomo as we cruise south on the Roanoke Sound in search for dolphins.





Outer Banks Dolphin Cruise Osprey Nest seen


The Osprey, also known as the fish hawk is always a welcomed sight from the Kokomo. Many say that the Osprey rule the Outer Banks, being a constant presence as they fly over our waters in search for their next meal.  The OBX is home to a wide variety of birds of prey, waterfowl, wading birds, terns and gulls, and shorebirds.



The spectacular Outer Banks sunsets make our sunset cruises a fabulous way to end your day and begin your evening.



When the sun sets over the unobstructed Roanoke Sound, the view seems to stretch forever while reflecting upon the water for miles.



Come and enjoy all this and more on the Kokomo.

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